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10 May 2013 @ 10:53 am
Supernatural 8x22 - Clip Show  
People in general seem to have loved this episode... I can see why, in a sense... it had action, nostalgia, drama, loss, angst, etc It had everything, in theory. But it almost made me want to quit the show! Now I'm a bit better, a few hours later, but at first I was so upset!
One thing I'm really angry about is that they killed Sarah. I was spoiled weeks ago about her return, and like everyone else I was thrilled and I was looking forward to it, given that I have always really liked her (and I would have loved if Sam ended up with her. Yeah, right). I'm still so naive, I should have known that they would have brought her back for 5 minutes just to kill her off. Eff you, show. I hate you. No one wanted this, yet I shouldn't be surprised since the writers seem to not know in the slightest what the viewers want. Everything must be bleak and hopeless, because that's the only thing they seem to be able to write, and most of the fandom is sick of this game.

RIP also the Wendigo guy and Jenny.
Except for the Sarah thing that I will NEVER forgive the show for, I thought the whole Crowley-is-killing-everyone-they-ever-saved thing was interesting, and Crowley was finally very effective as the big bad.

If Sarah wasn't enough, this episode broke my heart and stomped upon it with the Dean/Cas situation, which I can't take anymore. The whole season 6 fiasco hasn't been properly addressed/dealt with, which is what they should have done in season 8. Instead of healing and rebuilding the Dean/Cas bond in a organic way they jumped directly to Dean having forgiven Cas and being all needy, with Cas conveniently disappearing all the time (also, you can't drop the "I might kill myself" bomb and never revisit it... these writers suck). Bad decision on Cas's part after bad decision, we are back where we were (and worse), after a season that so far looked great for Dean/Cas... so this is even more upsetting for me. Dean is rightfully angry with Cas, and hurt. He has every right to be. I am left to wonder if this relationship is even salvageable... how is Dean ever going to trust Castiel again?? Are they setting up the two of them being adversaries again in season 9? I'm not here for that, I don't want it, and I'm sick of the angst.

I'm sick of Cas always messing up, I'm sick of Cas always having to fight for redemption/forgiveness just to mess up again, I'm sick of the fights and the distance between him and the brothers. I'm sick of the misery... if the world sucks, demons and angels suck, if everything is harsh and hopeless at least let these 3 be a united front. At least Sam is trying to be supportive, bless him.

I'm also sick of Castiel being portrayed as a clown/child/idiot/joke/choosetheoptionyoulikebest. Everyone is squeeing at how cute the scene with Cas shopping for Dean was.... I appreciate the sentiment behind it, but that scene was so embarassing/cringeworthy. Cas has been around long enough to know how to behave. It was cute at the beginning, but now it's just stupid. All the other angels have no problems understanding human behaviour (even if they judge it beneath them), so I don't appreciate making Castiel the Angel of the Lord (I miss season 4 Cas and his solemnity and dignity so much) the village idiot season after season.

I am depressed.

About the mytharc... Sam gets the demon trials. Cas gets the angel trials. Dean.. bakes and cleans the batcave. As much as I love Cas and I appreciate the attempt to give him a storyline of his own, the angel trials should have gone to Dean, and Cas should have been at his side, supporting him. Many Dean fans are beyond angry, and with reason.

Wrt the angel trials... I don't trust Metatron. I think Cas is being manipulated and led astray again. I hope to God not, but since we can never have nice things and the show likes to be repetitive, I think this is what's happening.

The concept of the nephilim is one I would have liked to see explored more, but of course whenever they have a cool character/cool idea they kill it off immediately.

The boys were really stupid in this episode.. they find out they have a dungeon with chains and demons traps and all in the batcave, and they don't bring Abbadon there to try and "cure" her??? Such lazy writing... i like the actress playing Abbadon, so I'm interested to see what they do with this character.

Wow, am I negative or what! LOL I don't want to be, but nothing this show does seems to work for me anymore.

It was a good episode strictly speaking, considering the general quality of the show at the moment, but it just happened to have developments that upset me greatly!
francy_m79: on the roadfrancy_m79 on May 10th, 2013 12:48 pm (UTC)
You are right, but I'm not good at quitting shows. I stuck with Smallville until the very end, I am forcing myself to finish Touch even though I hate it, I'm still watching GA even though I can't stand it... I have a hard time quitting shows, especially when I have been watching for many years.

So I'm afraid I'm in as long as Cas is still there, I'm too invested. This will undoubtedly lead to more pain and disappointment, of course, especially since they are only capable of abusing the character, and pitting him against Dean...

Sigh. If I could stop hoping for better things it would be so much easier!!
bittersweettwit: Cas angel shoulderbittersweettwit on May 10th, 2013 08:22 pm (UTC)
So I'm afraid I'm in as long as Cas is still there, I'm too invested. This will undoubtedly lead to more pain and disappointment, of course, especially since they are only capable of abusing the character, and pitting him against Dean...

LMAO if my speculations are correct you're in for a tough time next season! I imagine that at some point after the show is over I'll probably go back and watch the last two seasons (assuming it does indeed with season 10) and get it over with in one quick go! But the idea of not being upset practically every other week next year is a pretty freeing feeling the more I get used to :xD

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francy_m79: spikefrancy_m79 on May 11th, 2013 09:52 am (UTC)
I pray (to Cas) that you are wrong, but I'm not holding my breath. I'm not completely ready to quit, but I will see how it goes. I'm very close to being completely fed up myself!!