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Supernatural 8x09: Musings and whinings

 Some quick thoughts about Citizen Fang and about my issues with Benny under the cut. 

To say that I wasn’t a fan of this episode is an understatement. What was that? Days of Our Sam and Dean? As the Supernatural Turns? One SupernaturalLife to Live? I feel that Citizen Fang was the closest to soap opera the show ever got, and it wasn’t pleasant. It was a weird episode… But then it’s a weird season.

I was rather bored throughout it, because there was really nothing I’m particularly interested in. I don’t hate Amelia the way a lot of people do, but I don’t find the Sambacks that exciting either. I’m completely over the brothers’ forced angst/ conflict at this point (they are both being unlikable dicks, and I hope the writers won’t drag this for long), and so far  I don’t care about Benny (they haven’t managed to make me care despite their pushing him so hard in and outside the show). I want to like him, and I’m open to him growing on me. I’m generally a fan of introducing new characters, especially of characters that give us a different, other than human point of view. Unfortunately, they are going about it in the completely wrong way, and they are making me resent him instead.

 I hate this bullshit Dean keeps spouting about Benny being the only one who hasn’t let him down… hello??? People are people, Dean, people are going to screw up because they are people (or angels) and they are fallible. You need to stop holding those close to you to impossible standards, and take a look in the mirror (I love you, but you are not perfect either). Not to mention that it’s also passive-aggressive behaviour. You can’t apparently forgive people for their wrongdoings, and then nurture resentment and spend years throwing them back in their faces. You either let go and move forward or you don’t. I am not ok with Sam admitting he didn’t even try looking for Dean, and I fully sympathize with Dean’s hurt feelings, but throwing all his past mistakes (which Sam has payed for – see dragging Lucifer in the cage and being tortured there) in Sam’s face like he did in 8x06 shows that Dean really can’t let go. And that’s not healthy.

 But what is worst to me is that the Benny/Dean thing doesn’t even make sense as it is now. Every time Dean says that Benny has never let him down (as a dig to Sam), my blood boils. Sure, Benny hasn’t let Dean down so far.. because he hasn’t had the time/opportunity to do so! In Purgatory, he fought side by side with Dean and had his back, but Benny needed Dean to get out of Purgatory; in a way he was using Dean, he certainly wasn’t helping him out of the selflessness of his vampire heart.

I’m not denying that friendship and affection developed between them during that time, but Benny had everything to gain from protecting Dean in Purgatory. Then, we know pretty much nothing about what went on between Dean and Benny after they came back topside, other than  what we were shown in 8x05, that is that Benny contacted Dean because he was in trouble, so Dean went and helped.

 Talk to me again of being a “brother”, of never letting Dean down after Benny has actually done something for Dean in a selfless way, with nothing to gain from it; after he has sacrificed something important for Dean the way Sam or Cas or Bobby have done during years of fighting together. After he has been at his side in a continuous way without ever making a mistake. Only then I’ll be willing to buy this oversold Benny/Dean “brotherhood”.

 Basically, comparing Benny and what he and Dean went through to Dean’s relationship with Sam and Cas is highly unfair, because for better or worse and despite their major mistakes, Sam and Cas gave everything for Dean. Benny, on the other hand, has done jack squat for Dean, so far everything he did with regards to Dean has benefited himself. And hearing Dean hold him as paragon of perfect friendship/brotherhood  makes me want to throw up.

 If Benny really is supposed to be this perfect friend, I hope they show  him actually earning this title during the rest of the season, otherwise let him let Dean down too, or let Dean realize how irrational he’s being, or it’ll make it very hard for me to stomach watching .

 Anyway, ok this episode wasn’t my favourite (it was nice seeing Kathleen Munroe again, even though I kept getting distracted by her having also been the real Audrey Parker in Haven, and Dani Rosen on Alphas). Maybe I'll enjoy this one better on a rewatch at the end of the season, if some of my issues with the way Benny has been used will have been solved. Here’s hoping to that, and that there are great episodes ahead!! Com'on Carver, I don't want to be disappointed in you.

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