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SN 9x03 - I'm No Angel | Rant

I hate almost everything about SN by now... I'm only hanging in there for Misha, but the will to quit is growing stronger day after day. The writing on this show sucks, it's a team of fratboy writers who have the subletly of an elephant in a crystal store, aren't aware of the problematic nature of what they write (sexism, rape jokes, etc), and don't even know or care about their established mythology. This show doesn't deserve the passionate following it has, and should have been cancelled years ago. Too bad the ratings are increasing... which makes you wonder many things.

Anyway, this surge of bitterness was spurted by the latest episode. Rant under the cut!!

I enjoyed seeing so much Cas; Misha gave a good performance. Another thing the episode did decently was portraying Cas as somewhat competent. Sure, he doesn’t know how to use toothpaste, but I thought that the urinating and bathroom jokes would have been worse. Cas was shown as being able to fend for himself for the most part, good enough at fighting for his life, and clever enough to get himself a warding tattoo (where did he get the money for it????? Nevermind…). Until of course he trusted the wrong person once again, and got himself killed. Luckily there was an angel in Sam at disposal.

So, in sum: lots of Misha = good. The troubles lie with the writing….

After last week’s episode, I was hopeful that things were going to turn around, and that season 9 could turn out to be a good, if not great season. But after I’m No Angel, I see clearly that nothing has changed. The same problems that plagued season 8 have already shown up: character assassination/OOCness, canon-destruction, manufactured angst, bending characters to further contrived plot developments, etc.
I wasn’t expecting great things from this episode, knowing the writers behind it, but in some ways it was worse than I feared.

Russ-Leming and Buckner have to go, the only reason they are still allowed to write is Singer. I blame him for everything, since I’m sure that he wouldn’t let Carver fire his wife anyway. And what’s worse, it is rumoured that they are writing 9x09 (the midseason finale), which is supposed to be “epic and amazing” (according to Jared) and that’s going to lead us into the winter hiatus. Why are they giving these talentless "writers" (I've censored myself here) all these important episodes, ffs?? If they have to stay, can’t they just be relegated to MotW episodes, at least????

There were so many problems with this episode.

The Taxi Driver trend continues. Like that episode, 9x03 felt rushed and crammed. Too much stuff going on, with a weird pacing, a lot of focus on unnecessary things (the sex), and a lack of focus on more important ones (the final scene… WTF???? )

Also, I don’t get these writing duo’s fixation with rogue Reapers, and why they insist in putting them in every episode, messing up the mythology more and more every time. Since when reapers possess people, and when killed project the same kind of white light as angels do??? Reapers get horny and have sex?? What a load of bullshit. Death wouldn’t be impressed. Also, now angels possess people like demons do, through smoke in the mouth??

Since the show decided to ignore the whole Daphne/Emmanuel thing and to make a point of Cas finally losing his virginity, why the hell did they choose to cheapen it in such a way, in an episode in which Cas had more important things going on (not starving or freezing, escaping hoards of angels wanting to kill him, etc), and with a reaper/villain who seduced him just because she had ulterior motives?? The whole thing was creepy… the reaper was possessing the poor girl (who ended up an innocent casualty), making the sex non-con on her part. And what’s worse was Cas’ unbelievable reaction to having just lost his virginity to someone who tortured and killed him, not to mention the fate of the poor girl. No shock, no sadness, no distress, no anything… just Cas bragging to the brothers that he had sex with his murderer, and all of them joking about that. The whole thing was played for laughs and it was so inappropriate. This is kindergarden level writing.

Why couldn’t they leave the sex thing for a later episode, and treat it seriously and with respect? Why couldn’t it be a positive, genuine connection for Cas instead of this travesty?

Also, given that it was sooo important for Cas to experience every single human experience in the span of one week, including sex, I wish they had addressed the Jimmy issue openly on screen. Misha and also Jim Michaels, I think, confirmed on twitter and in interviews that Jimmy is dead and gone (probably has been for a long time), and that Cas is alone in the body. This is important if you have your character engage in sexual activities, and this is the only instance in which I’m missing Sera Gamble. At least she cared for this stuff. The fact that they didn’t address it bugs me incredibly, because many of the casual/average/non interview reading viewers are still convinced that Jimmy is alive and cohabitating with human Cas, or worse that fallen Cas has become Jimmy (??). It would take two lines to solve this issue, but then why would they do it if they can joke about urinating instead….

Another thing I didn’t enjoy is that Cas was going by Clarence. It perpetrates the Megstiel crap, and I hate the Megstiel crap. Ugh.

Of course, the thing that upset me the most was the final scene, in which Dean tells Cas to leave. I knew it was coming, because I’m a spoiler whore, but I would have never imagined that the scene would have been so badly written and executed. Even the worst case scenario in my head wasn't so horrible. The circumstances suck in any case, with Dean throwing his defenseless, just recently murdered and resuscitated friend to the wolves…. but there were tons of ways to make the thing less obnoxious. Instead of giving us an emotional, powerful and tense scene in which our heart broke for both of them (for Dean having to make this choice, and for Cas being alone again), they gave such a delicate scene a mere 10 seconds of screen time, making it a cliffhanger. We don’t get to see the convo that follows. And since we know that Cas/Misha is not supposed to be in the next 2 episodes, I’m going to assume that the whole thing will be dealt with off screen, and at the best it will just be mentioned in passing in the next episode (“I gave Cas 10 bucks and sent him on his way”). 9x04 is going to be a funny episode… just the most logical thing every time something awful goes on between Dean and Cas. After Torn and Frayed we got jolly Dean larping with Charlie (with not even a mention of Cas, who had departed the previous episode all bloody and “off”); after this we are going to get Dean merrily Ozzing with Charlie. I’m sensing a disturbing pattern…. Break Cas in the most horrible ways -> cheerful Dean.

I don’t get it. I don’t get why it was necessary to have Dean in the position to have to throw Cas out of the bunker (the safest place in the world) 5 minutes after they brought him there, with the aggravating factor that he had just witnessed his friend being killed earlier. Is it because every single episode has to confirm and reaffirm that Sam comes first, and everyone else – no exception – can just go to hell? We know it. We know that Dean is allowed to care for people who aren’t Sam only intermittently. One minute he seems to care, the next he seems to not give a damn. It’s been going on for seasons, with Cas mostly. I’m sick of it.

Is it because the writers don’t want Cas at the bunker (maybe because they know that the bro-only fans don’t want him there?), even if the bunker is totally crowded with the brothers + Zeke, Kevin, and even Crowley? Ok, in that case it would have sufficed not to have Cas in the bunker at all (by his own choice, for example).

Are they just trying to build up the angst and conflict, because that’s the only way they can write their 3 characters?? Okay… but will there be a payoff in the end?? Because Dean and Cas are rarely (never) allowed to have a satisfying resolution to their issues. The writers usually just throw more crap at their relationship, and then don’t deal with it.

If there’s one positive thing about all this, is that it seems that after having had Sam and Cas mess up season after season, this might be Dean’s turn. Dean is wrapping himself in a web of lies, and if Zeke turns out to be problematic, it could make a refreshing change, provided that the writers don’t brush Dean’s actions under the rug. If in the end Dean’s morally ambiguous actions are proved right once again, it will be disappointing for me.

That said, I don’t trust Ezekiel (he’s made Cas sad, so he’s even more in my black list now), but I’m kinda intrigued by what his motivations are.

In a way, I’m kinda glad this terrible duo episode came this early, at least it made me lower my expectations for the whole season. Edlund, come back!!

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