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Doctor Who 50° Anniversary special | Reaction

Thoughts under the cut!

Even thought I don't like Moffat's Who, I thought this was decent! It could have been worse....I got a bit lost on the convoluted shapeshifter/Queen Elizabeth plot, as usual (what the hell happened?? I have no idea, but who cares. Oh, I hated everything to do with Elizabeth, by the way... horrible characterization, terrible actress ), but I think all in all it did justice to the history of the show (Tom Baker! Jack mention Capaldi's eyes!)? But I'll wait to hear the thoughts of the old school fans for that.

The interaction between Ten/Eleven - Tennant/Smith was wonderful. I watched the show in Italian, so I couldn't fully appreciate their performances, but I could still see that they worked great together.... I can't wait to watch it again in English.

I like that they rewrote the ending of the Time War and that they saved Gallifrey... it opens up new scenarios for the future of the show.

I wish Eccleston had been willing to participate... it would have made John Hurt's regeneration all the more poignant.... and Nine was the Doctor who was more affected by the destruction of Gallifrey, so he should have been there. Oh well.

I was disappointed by Billie Piper's role, though. I thought we were going to have the real Rose and Rose and Ten interaction (it was the last chance), so that was disappointing for me. But I understand why they wanted to focus on the Doctor. Having Rose there wouldn't have fit, so I guess they found an ok way to involve her while not involving her.

All in all, I'm satisfied!! :)
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