Depressed Spuffy fan here...

.. can someone explain to me why, after all these years, I keep reading fandom opinions on Spuffy, googling old and new discussions, while knowing perfectly fine that all I ever get from that is pain and depression and hopelessness, since 90% of the posts I find out there are negative, and tend to put down, denigrate and demeane the whole Spuffy story?

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2 Supernatural (Cas) walls

I am still very angry with SPN for what they did with Castiel. I have so much hate that I also wrote a long rant about it, but I'm not going to post it until I see what they do in season 7.

However, I have to let my turmoil out in some way, so I opened PS, and I made something random Cas-related (I had never made Castiel art so far, which is a shame!). What came out is not particularly uplifting or masterful, but hey! After 3 months of non-arting, better than nothing!

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New art

Some stuff I have produced lately... as always, comments are lovely!

Walls under the cut:
1 Btvs (Spuffy), 1 Angel, 1 True Blood, 1 Fringe, 1 Dark Angel, 1 Being Human, and 1 Coffee&TV by Blur.

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Various shows art

I hope everyone's having great holidays!

My latest efforts, due principally to challenges on BF... I have actually played with PS considerably, during these holidays, but most wallpapers ended up in the rubbish bin! LOL Oh, well! These managed to survive, at least for now! *g*

One Twin Peaks wall, one Beverly Hills 90210 wall, one A Frozen Flower (Korean movie) wall, and one Merlin wall under the cut.

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Trying to upload things from the LJ scrapbook for the first time.. not sure I know how to do it!! ^^
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